It was only a little stumble. A slight roll of the ankle over a loose stone. Nothing that had me lose my footing. Just a slip that required me to adjust my stride. A few seconds later I had forgotten about it. However it was enough to trigger the mast cells, kinins, local vasodilation, alter vascular and cellular permeability.

The following day, about an hour or so after my long run, I was reminded about that small stumble with a bit of pain. Nothing too bad, but the wrong sort of pain. Not the good pain of running hard, the pain of injury. A bit of redness, swelling and bruising tells me the inflammatory system it working.

So a few easy days focussing on recovery and repair are in order to make sure it doesn't go any further.


  1. Bummer..
    A couple extra trips to the pool, I presume?

  2. Sounds nastier than a 'normal' ankle roll. I hope you're not away from training for too long.


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