End Base

The dates of the Emergency games are one to two weeks earlier than I thought they would be. I was hoping to extend my Base phase into January, but I can't alter the calender. So with a few roster predictions, counting out 8 and 9 day cycles I've come to realise if I am to follow my plan, then the last day of Base training will be this Sunday.

What this means is the Threshold phase begins next Monday. Looks like some harder training will be a nice Christmas present.

Looking back at the Base phase, from which I started almost completely back at the proverbial drawing board, I believe I have achieved my goals. Firstly I have significantly extended my aerobic conditioning in that my easy running is not only comfortable for up to 2 hours, but is now about a full minute per kilometre faster at all aerobic levels. Better than that running just feels easy, fast, slow or in between. Yesterday I hit the track with a third 400m time trial. This time it felt natural to run, a time of 70.8 seconds. That's another 1.1 seconds off last time. Again with any specific anaerobic capacity work. Only running drills, plyometrics and strength training.

I have addressed the basic concepts of Base training in "The Point of Base Training". I still believed it can be summarised in one sentence:

To develop a well balanced athlete capable of optimally responding to the stress of competition specific training


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