Having geeked it up a bit over my last few posts, I thought it was time to reflect a little on the other aspects. Plus my brain is a bit fried from too many night shifts, as evidenced by all the gramatically errors of my last post.

Last night I changed into my running gear at work and headed out onto the dirt trails following the Yarra river. What a perfect night for running. One where I wished I was carrying a camera. First I just felt really good running at a nice easy pace. I was able to take in the sites. Being Spring and with some recent rain the grass was bright green, instead of the usual dry brown of the last couple of years. The sun was heading towards setting and was sending awesome streaks of pink, orange and yellow to contrast the dark clouds. A sunshower resulted in a double rainbow. To add to the enjoyment I passed a mob of twenty or so kangaroos with their young joeys. They were a great site spread out in the orchards as I ran past.

I became lost in my surroundings, the act of running and within myself. It was a perfect run that felt like I had been out forever, but was over sooner than expected. I definitely reached the runner's high.

I'm now into the 4th cycle of Base 1. I feel like my running is getting better. My energy levels are on the rise, which is impressive considering how work has been lately. Also, it's not just that I'm feeling better subjectively, my objective measure is also showing improvement. My Maf Test from last week demonstrated some significant improvement, as detailed in the table below:



  1. I miss running along the Yarra river. Cheers!

  2. Running by kangaroo's...that's one I haven't done. :) What an amazing picture that would have been.

  3. That's a good improvement. Great to see it paying off already.

  4. shouldn't that be 'grammatical errors' ...... :)


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