Moving On Through

The last few days have been completely full, but nothing of too much note. Plenty of work, moderate sleep, lots of coffee post night shift, steady training, good weather and waiting. Our daughter is due next Monday so we're not committing to any set plans at the moment. Which is something I usually tend to struggle with. I usually have everything planned well in advance, but I am enjoying not being able to at the moment.

Training is simply following my program. The best thing is I'm seeing obvious improvement and the load is very, very manageable. This is despite not quite keeping up with adequate food intake. The lack of appetite towards the end of night shifts, followed by sleeping through a good portion of day has resulted in a couple of missed meals. I didn't notice at the time, but looking back it is a pattern I've fallen into in the past. Need to keep an eye on it.


  1. And the nutrition immediately following a run is supposed to do wonders for recovery. I've read recently that protein type drinks + fruit is the go.


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