The plan has been evolving, disintergrating, bouncing around and chopping and changing in my head over the last couple of weeks. Plenty of notes on scraps of paper, charts and spreadsheet work has finally evolved into my training plan. The biggest hurdle to it all was actually deciding on what I was working towards.

Victorian Police & Emergency Services Games
March-April 2009

One to one-and-a-half weeks of running events. The exact events will depend on the scheduling but based on previous years I'll looking to compete in:

  • 10km cross country
  • 5000m track
  • Half marathon
  • 1500m (perhaps)
I'll be going for the Gold medal in all events. It's all about placing in these event. To put myself in the winning positions I'll need to be capable of running sub 38min for 10km, sub 18min for the 5000m and close to 1:20 in the half marathon. Furthermore, I need a good base for recovery in order to sustain good form across the whole week.

Melbourne Marathon

October 2009

My best is 3:09. This race I will be setting a personal best and going under the 3 hour mark.


  1. If you run near the 1:20 in the games, then sub-3 is definitely on the cards for Melbourne.

    I guess it depends on the spacing of events but if you can do the 1500, might as well go for the gold in that one too.

    It's good to know that Maffetone is variable regarding the 220-age. My max has always been 5 beats or so lower than that formula. As a sweeping generalisation, I'd say that small/light people and women tend to have higher max HRs than the formula. Well, the ones I train with are like that.


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