Slow Speed

Almost through just the first two cycles (weeks) and I have seen a nice steady improvement on each run at 60-75% HRmax. The first couple of runs initially were at between 6:51-6:45/km but as each day has gone by I am now seeing 6:30-6:10/km. While still relatively slow it definitely improvement. Also my HR is staying more consistent throughout each run. Much less sudden spikes on small hills and the like.

Seeing obvious improvement is a great motivator.

Also a point I didn't make in my last post on the Maffetone formula is it really is only applicable if your maximum HR is in line with that predicted by age related formulae (such as 220-age). Mine now is, as over the years my age has actually caught up with what used to be considered a slightly low HRmax. It has always been 192 gradually reducing to my current 189bpm in the last 15 years.


  1. that's a very nice improvement. very impressive. sometimes you have to go slow to go fast, eh?

  2. Nice to see you have no ego. Training at 6:40/km at the calibre of a 1:20 HM. ;)


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