Chasing The Long Ride

Listing only the key sessions in my program provides me a certain degree of flexibility. Instead of being locked into set days for each training session, I can simply fit them in where they fit best. This is important with rotating shiftwork. For most weeks it works very well.

This week it hasn't so far. For most of the week I've been chasing my long ride. On the first day I was hoping to cover those miles, I was so tired after night shift that I spent most of the day sleeping. Then after being up for only three hours was back into bed again. Each day after that had some unexpected, but neccesary appointment of different sorts that meant my time has been a lot more limited than I wished.

This brings me too the last day of cycle 4. I have managed to fit in all key sessions except for that long ride. So, once the morning's appointments are done, I have set the afternoon free. That ride will be covered.


  1. Scheduling training time can be incredibly difficult. KUDOS for getting in all but one workout. (Hopefully, you will have gotten that ride in on your free day.)

  2. I hope it was a good one. Too wet for riding up here this arvo.

    Thanks for the questions. I'll come up with some answers in a day or two... a big one would be "not being so serious about training coincided with getting older". In other words, if you stay serious every year, you don't slow down as much - easier said than done!


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