The Training Plan - Part 3

A few years ago I read what I consider the single best article on Ironman training. It was written by Bill Davoren, titled "Ironman 101". In this article he outlines 5 key rules to guide your training.

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. There is no one-way to prepare for an Ironman
  3. Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons
  4. Check your Ego "IN" when you sign on
  5. It is "PART" of your life, not your "WHOLE" life

It is definitely worth a read, as he gives some very practical advice on applying these rules and the reasons why. I like to refer to this article regularly as a kind of reality check. I also enjoyed Peter Brees style in developing his guidelines for training.

Now I'm going to use the term "Guidelines" as I think this is more appropriate than rules, or protocols. It probably comes from my job, but I like the concept of working within a certain framework, and accept these guidelines will apply to most situations, but not all. That is, if required, and you have the necessary skills and/or knowledge then at times it appropriate to work outside of, or modify those guidelines.


  1. Develop and maintain a body capable of handling and adapting to the training load
  2. Progressively develop a sound, but not overdone aerobic base
  3. Increase VO2max to as high as possible
  4. Increase velocity achieved at Anaerobic Threshold
  5. Increase ability to sustain Anaerobic Threshold
  6. Develop specific race skills and abilities
  7. Recover appropriately

Right, it's now in writing. It took a few drafts to get this list right, but I'm happy with these seven points. I feel they encompass all aspects with the right emphasis. I'll get into the details of how I aim to achieve this next time.

"If a man coaches himself, then he has only himself to blame when he is beaten." - Sir Roger Bannister


  1. damn - should have read that about 4 months ago ...

  2. Are you sure you need to focus that much on working your Anaerobic Threshold? I mean, except for the top pro's, we're all racing Ironman at 70% to 75% of our HR Max. That's very aerobic all the way.
    Ironman is not about being fast, it's about not slowing down, so IMHO, get that aerobic base as deep as possible. Speed will then come naturally. But that's my two cents...

    Have a good one!


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