Here I Go

Yet another blog of someone training for something. Writing a whole lot of rubbish that no one cares about. Well quite possibly. So why I am I starting a blog? Basically I find if I put something in writing, then I find I am more accountable to myself. If I write my goals down somewhere they can't be lost, then I will be reminded of them when it counts. Based on my previous history in sport, I need to be accountable. I have let training and racing become the main focus in my life in the past. For some reason, this single-minded pursuit of one goal is something I find easy. Many people have told me I must have good determination and am very dedicated, but these people usually don't have to deal with me every single day. This single-mindedness can lead to neglect in other areas of my life. So now that I'm older, have other interests and many other commitments, I have decided to put my thoughts on balancing all this down, if not just for myself, then hopefully for the enjoyment of a few others.


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