In order to help with my decision about doing the Ironman, I'm writing a budget on the expected cost of everything associated with this endeavour. This is the first time I have done this. In the past my money hasn't been as tied up, and I didn't really think too far ahead, so I've never truly had an idea how much triathlon costs me.

The budget will cover about a year and will include: entry fees to all races (running, orienteering, duathlons, triathlons); travel; accommodation; equipment; maintenance; pool/gym fees; nutrionals; and anything else that is specifically for training and racing.

I'll have to say it has been an eye opener. I can't really drink that much Gatorade, oh no I don't, I actually drink more. I'll put that in by the container, looks better than in litres. Surely someone will sponsor me. Socks? But I really do need all of that, really. Maybe I'll just stick to orienteering, you can't go wrong with less than $5 per race.

My original plan was to pay for everything using money from overtime only. I think that is still my plan, but it does mean doing even more overtime. Now I have to work out how much time this is going to take up. I'll have to increase my weekly training hours if I move from running to triathlon, but I'll also be working more in order to pay for it. Is it doable, and will I still be a nice person while I do this? I'll have to get back to that one.


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