Three Weeks

Six days straight of no running due to illness brought me up to exactly three weeks out from the Surfcoast Century. The rest of the month had further gaps too. My long runs never exceeded 40km. So what am I doing to make the most of what I have?

So far the runs have been:

Saturday: easy 14km, with some hills. Run at what feels like my natural running pace, which is turning out to average around 5:15/km at the moment.

Sunday: Long with full race kit. 26km. Some trails and good hills thrown in. This was about hitting what I thought would be the appropriate feel for race day. Unfortunately that turned out to be a bit slower than I wanted, but it is what it is. The run still felt about right.

Monday: easy 14km. Same as Saturday, except I ran the loop in reverse.

Tuesday: Hill reps. Not exactly what most people would picture. I have a hill that varies between 10-14% gradient, 1/3 is even stairs and the remainder rocky and grassy single track. On the up, I alternated between one repetition of running, and one of fast walking. The focus was on good technique, getting the neuromuscular system in check and just checking how well I'll be able to walk the very steep hills. In only 10km I had an elevation gain of 426m.

Wednesday: Easy 11km around Melbourne Uni and Princes Park.

Thursday: Intervals, 8x1000m at about 4:00 with 1:00 easy jog recovery. Totalled 15km.

Friday: Regeneration 10km.

Saturday: Easy 14km.

No individual session was anything exceptional. Just basic, solid training. It is too risky to hit anything massive, but I still need a kick along. I'm getting that kick from the day-in, day-out nature of the program. Tomorrow I'll hit up to 4 hours in race kit at an easy pace, then pretty much repeat the week again next week, without a 4 hour run, before resting up for 6-7 days leading in to the big day.


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