Back On It

Well overdue for a check in. I'm still racing the Surfcoast Century and it is less than three weeks away. Has the training gone well? Am I ready?

The short version is no, the training hasn't gone well. August was meant to be my biggest month of training. Hitting about 120km or so each week, with long runs of 40-60km, plus an assortment of hill sessions and prolonged tempo runs. Training went in the opposite direction. A mixture of extended shifts, a mild back injury, kids waking at night and destroying my already limited sleep, then some illness and this August saw the least amount of training and greatest number of days off. Not the ideal build up to a 100km race.

Prior to this my training had been going well, and I was quite happy with the base I had developed. Now I'm healthy and feeling surprisingly fit. I need to get in some good training, but there is a definite limit on what I can so close to the race. So the is two weeks of solid, persistent training without any ridiculous sessions ending with a 6-7 day taper into the race. I can't really add much to my fitness, but I can improve a few elements with the right mix. As the next two weeks unfold, I readdress my goals for the Surfcoast.


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