Ticking a Box, Run

After watching the reconnaissance videos of the course that I posted in my last blog, Number 43, I remembered a section from the SCC Back Fifty video that I was really looking forward to running last year. Unfortunately it was this section where I was really struggling and had been reduced to a walk, despite the very runnable terrain.

This year I plan on amending that. The section is in Leg 3, in the Otways on the trail loop through the Currawong Falls. Last year I recognised an exact spot by the rock step, that I found myself slowly stepping down over, instead of smoothly running through. Below is a still capture of that spot...

This gradual descent followed by the 7km climb afterward is where I should make up the most time compared to last year. Now get out there and do it.


  1. Hope you can run the sub-12 and get the beer stein. That's impressive! Good motivation.


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