Number 43

Only five sleeps to go, or 4.3 if I follow Harro's thinking. The traffic on has increased as D-Day approaches. The training has been done. Just a handful of comfortably quick 200m reps tomorrow, an easy 10km on Wednesday and then complete rest for the final two days. My main aim this week is to get in as much sleep as possible.

For those who want all the details check out the full race program here.

The weather is looking pretty damn good. 9-19 degrees Celcius, with a possible shower and light winds. Looks like a bit of rain at the start of this week, should leave a few wet, muddy and slippery sections. Maybe that will make some of trails a little slower, but it should mean the sand will be harder packed. Swings and roundabouts with that one.

Some details:

Solo Competitors: 155

My Race Number: 43

Live Race Day Tracking:

Twitter: #surfcoastcentury

Course Video:


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