Often it doesn't matter if the context is known or not. It may be better if the context isn't known. Training gets me outside. With that I get to enjoy all the usual, the outdoors, the trees, animals, sunrise, fresh air, time by myself, etc. etc... So
mething else I enjoy is catching parts of interactions, conversations between people or just the random stuff individual do. Maybe not the most talked about element of training, but it can keep me amused on a long run.

These little snippets are less than single serves. Maybe I add to the stories, but it keeps my mind working on some degree. Some examples:

"...she had an affair with the fireman from the first aid course..."

the lady who drove into her driveway a bit quick and smashed the car already there

an enthusiastic walk/run group encouraging the one of their walkers, until she told them she wasn't part of their group

5am, about zero degrees, and guy running in a shorts and singlet only, mumbling "it's not cold, it's not cold, it's not cold..."

Finally, and definitely far from the best. Something that has me feeling good and slightly amused is what I am likely to see tomorrow morning. Around dawn, I'll be out with the back pack on running to work. Usually I see a few stumbling home, still drunk and looking worse for wear. I'm sure they think I'm much weirder than they are.


  1. Like the post...and I think you may be right....the drunks will think you weird.

    I remember running by a bar at the end of a marathon and some patrons were on the curb. One of them looked at me and said, "Buddy, you don't look so good. Look like you need a beer."


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