Filling The Routine

To my surprise it's been a bit over a week since my last post. The reason hasn't been a lack of training. Instead, the days have been filled to the brim. There have been plenty of extras over the last week. Each item wasn't a stand out time commitment, but everything adds up and it means some of the less important stuff (like blogging) had to be put to the side.

These are the times when the training plan is put to a test. When the competing interestes for my time and energy converge it is good to see the the program stands up to the challenge. Over the last week, none of the optional extras in training have been completed. Plus I have missed a swim session. This is fine as I still can see a some level of improvement over the previous week in my training.

Being more specific about what training is to be completed on each day ahead of time takes out the thinking energy. I can completely tune out from training when needed and focus on the rest of life. This beats trying to think too hard about what exactly is the best style of training session to make up for what was missed a few days ago, or for what I am likely to get done in the next couple of days. These things are important, but the thinking has already been done. The minor variation simply provides some variation. I have reached a place where it is better to train than to over think it.


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