Usually I just let my body do it's job and fix itself. Naturally a bit of help, such as not training hard, resting and eating well can aid it. Every now and then I need the extra level of help. This time it has called for some antibiotics. They appear to be doing their job. I definitely needed that extra round of attack, since my own defences were starting to lose the battle. The other part was to let my body rest and repair.

This meant three days completely without training and a couple of naps thrown in. Some improvement and I've been at work, but have removed myself from any real training. Instead I've just been commuting by either foot or bike at very easy paces. There is a general level of weakness through all my muscles still. Until that leaves me, doing any training close to my normal level is likely to be detrimental.

It's been six days so far, and it will take as long as it takes. When I feel better, I will ease back into training, starting with covering the distance comfortably before upping the intensity. That way, I won't over cook myself and the sinusitus re-establishes it hold. All-in-all it short really add up to one week ridiculously easy, followed by a handful of days down to about 75%. Not much in the overall scheme. However, I am itching to go hard again.


  1. I feel for you, I went down with a sinus infection on New Years Eve that took 10 days to shake. I did a few runs during that time but they were all terrible, I am holding off a return to full training until the end of the month, until then no speedwork and run what ever I feel like on any given day.

    Having said that I did persist with doing the 28km @ Bays Trail run yesterday, it wasn't pretty!!

    Hope you are 100% soon.


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