Forced Commute

We are now a one car family. At least temporarily. Exactly how long this will be I'm not sure yet. The good side of this (apart from saving money) is I am pretty much now obligated to commute by bike. No just going soft and taking the car when the weather turns nasty. The distance to my various work locations isn't very far. So it shouldn't really interfere with anything timewise. Instead it means I am getting in a lot more incidental activity.

Hopefully all the extra short stints on the bike accumulate to better performance. At least I am feeling more comfortable on the carbon machine. I've definitely lost some feel for the bike over the last few years, maybe I can regain that. Currently the weather is good and I am in the novelty phase, so I am enjoying the riding. The plan is to make it a habit to stick to. Hopping on the bike for a lazy 8km had my legs feeling better than they were after a 20km run before work. Not a bad way to cool down and refresh for a long shift.


  1. WE're moving our place of business to a location that is a very short bike ride. (I can even walk there). but I have to admit that I'm a wuss when it comes to cold weather riding. I shall look to you for INSPIRATION!!


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