Race Schedule 2011

A fair bit of thought has gone into my racing schedule for the next year. 2011 presents a large number of tempting options. I've had to be careful not to get carried away and try to race everything. My life and probably recovery ability just won't allow it. I still want to race a half ironman or two very well in the 2011/12 season. With that in mind, plus the desire to get the best out of myself in the lead up races, I have chosen a race schedule different to what I first thought I would.
Originally I thought I would compete in one or two half ironman races at the start of 2011. I considered the Gatorade Long Course in February, plus got very close to entering the Triman in Torquay in April. In the end I decided I wouldn't be able to commit properly to either of these races. Plus getting into that sort of distance this early wouldn't be best for my development. I even contemplated the Marysville to Melbourne multisport, but taking up kayaking wasn't going to be a viable option. Fitting in swimming can be hard enough.

In the end I have gone for a few shorter races throughout the year that hopefully will lead to decent jumps in performance leading towards the end of 2011. I want a consistent year of training and racing, without any significant time off requirements for race recovery. The full year isn't mapped out yet. What I know is as follows:
  • Gatorade Portarlington Triathlon 800/26/8 - 6th Feb 2011
  • Another sprint or olympic distance triathlon in Feb or March 2011
  • Police & Emergency Services Games - multiple races 25th Mar - 3rd Apr 2011
  • - middle of 2011 to be confirmed
  • Shepparton Half Ironman 1.9/90/21.1 Nov 2011
Currently my key focus will be the Police & Emergency Services Games, where for a week I plan on racing:
  • 10km cross country run
  • Triathlon 750/20/5
  • Duathlon 5/20/3
  • Half Marathon
Based on the previous years I raced the running events, these are a collection of events I can be very competitive in. It should also give some very complete and honest feedback about how my training works.
From there I should know exactly where I stand in relation my goals later in the year.


  1. That looks like a good schedule. The Games will provide a good result comparison from last time.

  2. It seems sensible to focus on shorter triathlons early in the year and defer the half IM until November. Your planned program for the Police and Emergency Service Games will be a fairly stringent test of your fitness. The biggest challenge might be balancing family commitments, work and training in a way that allows you to build up the endurance required for that week of racing. Good luck.


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