Periodisation of training is usually touted as necessary for successful racing. Most of the time I agree. However, there are times when the traditional models of base-specific-peak and the many variations can't be applied. This is where I am at.

Historically I have always planned out a periodised program. The meso- macro- and micro- cycles have always been mapped out. The lead up to the Police games in a few months provides me a different challenge. If the rest of my life was fitted into training (instead of fitting training into life) the the plan would be 6-10 day peak/taper, 6x8 day cycles of specific training preceded by just my basic training leading in. Life has other plans. Plans which I am also looking forward to.

Amongst other things those plans include the silly season plus a holiday in the middle of when I would normally be doing the big training leading into a race. This means a modified approach to the training cycle.

Mainly by necessity, but also by my curiosity in the method, I am taking a more progressive approach. I simply aim to ramp up my training bit-by-bit up to the racing period. The volume is fixed so the progression will have to be intensity. The idea will be to include longer sustained efforts within training, and reduce the rest breaks. In other words get closer and closer to what is expected in racing.

The recovery will take care of itself as long as I am sensible. Down time will mainly be imposed by holidaying and work commitments. In between I am aiming to put in consistent solid training. Hopefully raising the bar weekly. If things go as expected I shouldn't have to schedule additional recovery time.

The result by the Police Games will hopefully be a more rounded, high output work capacity. It may not be completely race specific. Instead I should have the ability to sustain some solid efforts and with some added willingness to suffer I hope to be able to put down some good racing. It is more of a blunt force approach to race preparation, rather than developing the finesse I like to have for races.


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