I have been relatively happy about my swim times of late. While my endurance is substantially lacking, I have been able to pull out a few repeats that are reminiscent of years gone by. When I would have considered my swimming good.

Unfortunately I have been deceived. In truth I am slower than I thought. Just about all my swimming is now in short course pools. Therein lies the problem. In the past I was always swimming in nice 50m length pools. For me, there is such a difference in times between the short and long course. Much more than I ever would have given credit to. I always thought there would be a few seconds per 100m (like 2-4), but I am talking 5-10 when at around threshold speed and even 10-15 seconds at a steady, endurance pace.

Maybe I can be happy that my flip turns are relatively efficient. Unfortunately that won't help much in an open water swim.


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