Two cats, resulted in three mice brought into the house today. The cat flap got locked for awhile so I could head out for my run. Today was my second steady threshold run, which meant intervals of 20 and 15 minutes at 85-90% HRmax. Physically and mentally the run actually felt quite easy. Being a Sunday afternoon with warm and sunny weather meant the trail was full. The distraction of people watching, combined with a rambling conversation inside my own skull resulted the run being over before I knew it. That's 75min minutes of mental relaxation while building my physiology.


  1. Jason, It sounds as though this year you are focusing more on your running than triathlon. Is that a good assessment?

    I ask because that's exactly what I am doing this year. Focusing on half marathons.

  2. Eeeek, it's been a while since mine have bought any gifts home. Right now the kitten is tearing a sock to pieces but it isn't a running sock so I don't mind :-)

  3. If I let my cats outside, there'd by squirrel pieces inside the laundry room door, but I'm sure my cats dream of bringing home many, many such gifts as they twitch in their sleep. Congrats on what sounds like a much needed run to unwind and improve the physiology! Keep it up!


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