There is a high chance that I have never missed breakfast. With recent night shifts in hot, hot weather, and attempted, but reasonably unsuccessful sleep during the hot days, I found myself waking up at odd times. Whether it be before dawn, noon or sometime in the evening, if I am waking up after a few hours of attempted sleep, then I want breakfast. My body doesn't seem to care that everyone else may be eating dinner. For me, it is breakfast, muesli, fruit, yoghurt, milk, coffee. Must be the most important meal of the day.

Unfortunately my training has gone poorly over the last few days. The lack of adequate sleep has left me way too stuffed to put in any decent training. Just a couple of short, very slow runs have been all I have managed. This has caused a few key sessions to be missed. Now I have to figure out whether I should catch up, with some changes over the next two weeks, or simply cut my losses and jump back in like nothing has happened.


  1. Cutting losses and just resuming has always been my preference.

    I don't envy you trying to sleep during these hot days. I worked nights for a month one summer and vowed I'd never do it again.

  2. I can easily skip dinner but never never never will I skip breakfast, easily my most anticipated and biggest meal of the day, yum!

    I hope you get things back on track, I really do admire they way you manage to balance everything.


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