Another year has ticked over. I will have to say 2008 is up there on my short list of favourites. What does the new year bring? It doesn't bring any new year's resolutions. I have never seriously made any in my life. Instead I believe it simply provides an opportunity to take another look at my current goals.

In short I will stick to running this year. It takes much less time for me to perform at a level I'm happy with than it does if I pursue triathlon. The time freed up lets me enjoy being a parent.

My running goals are simple:
  • Go for gold medals at the 2009 Victorian Police and Emergency Services in 10km cross-country, 5000m track race and half marathon.
  • Run a personal best marathon time in the Melbourne Marathon.
There is pleasure in performing things you are good at.


  1. Happy New Year Jason!

    I've been happily reading along.

    I have no doubt you will have a great year!

  2. All the best for 2009 and your goals Jason.

    The gold medals could be the more difficult as I presume you don't know your opposition. What's your marathon PB?

    Sticking to running should free up some time. I've promised myself to give tris another go after I retire ;)


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