Broken air conditioning. Poor sleep following night shift. Maybe an easy run, followed by a cold shower would wake me up so I can be useful for the rest of the day. Stepping outside into a furnace made me rethink that idea. 40.5 degrees celcius is just too hot for that. I'll wait for it cool down later in the evening to get the most out of my limited energy levels today.


  1. You have to be kidding me! That's a hot heat. That's enough for me to not sleep well.

    I certainly hope your air conditioner gets fixed quickly.

  2. Hi Jason (waves)

    I can really sympathise with you, not having any air conditioning.

    Hubby works shifts and luckily we have evaporative cooling, so he just turns it on really low if it's a hot day and he sleeps really well (as well as one can anyway when people are making tons of noise outside!!)


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