Run, work, eat, sleep and the rest of life. That's been the last week. The running has been consistent. My legs have been a bit sore or stiff at the start of most runs, but this soon dissipates part way into the warm ups. Naturally with the increase amount of faster running this is to be expected. The good thing is the fast stuff, around the threshold level is feeling easier.

It now feels more natural to run at these speeds. For example my last medium run was 90 minutes (plus warm up and cool down) averaging a HR of 81% with a pace of 4:37/km. At no point did I have the urge to stop, just required a bit more concentration towards the end to ensure I was maintaining the correct effort level.

Two more cycles, plus a test week left of the Threshold phase should have me ready to handle the Specific training. So far the plan is going to plan.


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