Three Days of Going Long

Day 1 = Run of 3:12
Day 2 = Swim 4800m
Day 3 = Bike of 6:15

Today I am tired, my muscles ache, and I struggled through only 1000m in the pool before I decided it was best to call it quits (all to be expected). Otherwise training is going very well. I know that my run won't be a limiting factor. In fact, I can back off a bit with the running to put the extra energy in to the bike. Swimming is going okay, and I should be right come the big day. As for cycling, I should be right for the day as long as I keep putting in the work. Currently I know I can complete the distance, it is now a matter of sorting out the pacing so I can achieve my best overall time.


  1. Mate, I'm looking forward to following you on on race day. You're going to kick serious arse! Keep it up, just a couple of weeks to go.


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