Obvious Improvement

Another two days of high intensity training.

Day 1:

Bike (turbo-trainer) 6x2:00 @ VO2max +/- 5%, 90-95rpm, with 1:30 spin recovery
Weights: Snatches, Clean & Jerk, Squats as 4x3 followed by Bench Press, Pull Ups as 2x3-6, plus some core work.

Day 2:

Run over dirts trails with the main set lasting 12:30 as 5x1:30 @ VO2max +, 1:00 Threshold pace. The hard part was actually the so called easier running at Threshold pace. My legs just wanted to slow right down, like my usual recoveries.
Plyometrics: a mixture of bench jumps, two and single footed, precision jumps, bounding mixed in with some vaults and core control exercises.

This time my body wanted to travel quickly. While still hard work, it was a feel good kind of hard work. Following the recent long run and rides it is promising to see I am making noticeable improvements in all aspects I need to. Obvious improvement has always been a great motivator for me.


  1. So true Jason - there's nothing like a trend of improvement to fire up the motivation.

  2. Nothing like improvement to stoke the "mental" engine so that it keeps pace with the aerobic engine. Keep up the good work.


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