Sharing The Road

Yesterday I spent a bit under six hours on the bike. Beautiful clear weather, moderate wind and great terrain and scenery. My legs were feeling the accumulated effects of the previous weeks training and as a result the pace was quite slow relative to my heart rate. Which is okay, I expect to have a few days like this during the heavy training load.

What I did notice was the goodwill out there on the road. Most discussions about motorists and cyclists always focuses on the negative. Road rage, near misses, actual collisions etc., but yesterday I was pleasantly surprised. Cars were passing with a safe amount clearance, a number of cars waited behind to make sure it was actually safe to pass, which I was thinking was a bit of a novelty. Even two trucks held back behind to make sure they could pass safely at one point. Naturally I replied with thank you waves or similar to let these people know I appreciated the courtesy.

Hopefully the road campaigns are starting to have some affect, and this is something that will continue. Hopefully it isn't just a one off day. Cyclists have to do their bit too, obey the road laws, be courteous, ride safe with the appropriate amount of assertiveness.

Enjoy the road.


  1. Good on you for giving them a wave - helps promote the sharing.

    Re the bike pacing... do you get a jump in HR at any stage during the race (because of heat for instance)? I'm wondering if any of the elites ride to HR the whole way, or just sit on a certain kph?


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