It's What You Do That Counts Too

A lot is blamed on people's genetics. Whether you are a sprinter versus an endurance athlete. Have skinhy genes, or fat genes. More or less likely to get cardiovascular disease or cancer. A lot has been said about choosing your parents wisely. So is there something we can do to protect or improve the genes we already have?

Apparently there is, and surprise, surprise, the answer is exercise. Some characteristics measured on genes show a so-called 10 year benefit for those who exercise compared to the sedentry person. Check it out at: Exercise Is Good For Your Genes.


  1. I'd definitely believe it. Being in shape makes you feel so much better in so many ways, why wouldn't it have genetic benefits, too. If it's true it means we can't use our genes as an excuse so much.

    BTW, just before you commented on my post yesterday I'd seen your site earlier. I'm jealous of even being able to consider a 65 minute Ironman swim. If/when I decide to do the full, I think I'd be very lucky to crack 1:20 on the swim.



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