Getting Slow To Go Faster

Thanks for the assumption that I'm faster than I really am Ewen, but 37 seconds for 200m is where I am at the moment on the fast stuff. My training has been Ironman focussed, and as usual the top end speed drops significantly. Being only the second week of incorporating high intensity work, I'll expect to see a substantial improvement over the next few weeks.

Getting slower at intenties far removed from race paces seems to be the price paid for the specificity of Ironman training.


  1. Jason,

    Been a whie since I have checked in. Looks like the IM prep is going almost to plan. Keep up the great work!

    Quick question. What has been the purposes of the latest fast stuff been? The efforts seem too short and too hard to be traditional VO2 sessions. Is it to work on your economy? Or a bit of both? I am a bit confused. Sorry if you have covered thi before.

  2. Yes! Going slow to go fast! It really does work!

    Well, that's the excuse that I use. ;)

  3. Interesting Jason. Thankfully I'm not alone. I was quite surprised to see how much top-end speed I'd lost after 6 months of aerobic training. It's taking longer than I'd like to get it back. I guess for the IM, loss of top end speed is not such a problem.


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