Someone Has Gone Further

I love endurance events. I love competing in so-called ultra-endurance races. Part of the appeal definitely has to do with that it considered crazy or extreme by many people. However, it is far from the key reason for taking on the Ironman challenge. After all, if I was just after extreme and crazy experiences then I could choose some bizarre record attempt that may involve bees, lack of oxygen and mutilation of body parts. I have previously described Some Thoughts on the reasons I enjoy what I do.

I have just read a very good article about what is considered possible or extreme. I found it really put a few things in perspective, while at the same time being very inspirational.

What Is Possible

Speaking of running a long way, it's now time to head out the door for my own long run. While it isn't up there with the 90miles between sunrise and sunset, 200miles in 24 hours or 30-50miles everyday for 300 days straight that others have achieved, at approximately 30km or so it is still further than some people like to drive.


  1. Thanks for the link.

    As for your friend that you mentioned in a previous post...what would you recommend to someone who needs to improve their bike performance? Hours or intensity? Or start with hours and move to intensity? or is that too loaded of a question? I'm doing IM CDA next june. I am following a plan, but I know that I need to have significant improvement on my bike.

  2. 30k! You could try Six Foot Track - 45k and it's impossible to drive it ;)

    I'm interested in tea's question. I would have thought IM biking is all about hours on the bike - riding all day Saturday and riding a lot during the week?


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