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The half marathon last Sunday signalled the end of my VO2 Phase. The last four weeks of training did not go quite as expected with 10 days out of the water and having to miss a couple of key workouts due to extra commitments. However, I still feel as though I achieve most of what I needed. The plan for my last phase can be read here.

I highlighted three criteria that would help determine if my VO2 Phase was successful. There were:
  1. Reduced resting heart (due to increased cardiac output)
  2. Faster speeds at submaximal heart rates or lower heart rates at submaximal speeds
  3. A feeling of efficiency or ease in shorter aerobic sessions

My actual results were as follows:

Resting heart rate reduced from 52bpm down to 49bpm.

Speed at submaximal hearts increased as measured in half marathon time performed at 85-88%HRmax average reduced from 1:29:39 down to 1:25:49. The average pace of my long runs has come down from 5:41 to 5:20 and still feel nice and comfortable. Cycling on the other hand has been highly variable and with the different weather conditions and different terrain the speeds are generally irrelevant.

I don't think my shorter aerobic sessions have felt any easier, just a bit different. My legs have generally felt heavy going into the shorter days, but my heart rates and speeds have been consistent. I believe with the VO2max sets and increase in longer endurance days I am carrying more fatigue on the so-called easier days.

In summary I will classify my VO2 Phase as somewhat successful. Yes I have made reasonable improvements, but not quite the larger gains I was hoping for. Anyway, my fitness is where it is, and it's now time to focus on the next phase. The Threshold Phase. Without getting into the details as to the reasoning behind my training in this post. I'll save that for later. Here is the plan for the next month:

Again I will continue on a six day cycle:

  1. Brick: 80-120min @ 70-80%HRm
  2. Threshold Set: 3-4 x 10min @ 85-92%HRm, 3-5min recovery (alternate Bike and Run), Weights: Basic (moderate)
  3. Swim: Threshold, Plyometrics
  4. Bike: Long 120-150km @ 60-80%HRm
  5. Swim: Long 3000-4000m, Threshold Brick: Bike-Run 30-60min/20-40min @ 80-90%HRm
  6. Run: Long 2:45-3:00 @ 60-80%HRm, Weights: Full (heavy)

If time and recovery permits I will add an occasional extra bike or swim at very easy intensity.


  1. Thanks for the bike advice! What and when are your A races this year?

  2. I hope it goes well Jason. Some pretty big distances/times there - the 120+k on the bike is a big day. Looks like no real easy days, just days you can back up from.


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