Yesterday morning I was in the pool for my harder swim set. It consisted of:
  • 4x200m free @ 85%
  • 4x100m free @ 90-95%
  • 4x50m free @ 95%
  • 6x25m fly
  • 6x25m free sprint

It was a good hard set that even though it hurt, it almost felt easy. By easy I mean it just felt like my body is getting used to this swimming thing again. On exiting the water, my lats and delts felt as if they were engorged with a new swimming ability. It's these days I look forward to, and I get fitter I always seem to have more of them.


  1. Just catching up, well done on the half. Great to see your training going to well, I love the technical detail in your posts.

    Keep it up.

  2. Amazing how quickly we can regain our fitness.


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