Run Fast, Then Run Hard

So far I've had a good solid week of training. While I won't be tapering for Sunday's Half Marathon, I also won't be doing anything overly taxing in the final three days. So after three moderate training days I'll put my running legs to the test to see what I'm currently capable of doing of 21.1km.

Hopefully I'll run something under 1 hour 25min, but since I haven't been measuring times or distances accurately over my last month of training I guess I'm a bit up in the air on pacing. So my plan is to hopefully finish work on time Saturday night. It's a 9pm finish, and I wouldn't mind getting in a reasonable night's sleep. I'll head in with the neighbour and some family and as usual plan on getting in fairly early.

Once the gun sounds I plan to head out fast. Just a bit faster than I think I should be running. Why? The first half of the race is mainly downhill. No big descents, just a slight average slope from the city down towards the beach. Naturally I should be holding some faster split times over this section. The problem with heading downhill over the first half...

...that's right, the second half is mainly uphill. Judging by the terrain it looks like there is a good chance of a positive split.


  1. Enjoy the race tomorrow :-)

  2. "Positive Split" - I've always heard negative splits, but never thought about positive splits. :)

    Good luck!


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