Getting Ahead of Myself

It's been a bit longer than usual since my last post. It's not because I've been lazy, but the shifts at work are now consistently busier. Not only does there seem to be more people calling for an ambulance, but we're also being tied up at hospital for longer. So as a result I haven't been getting any extra down time. Add to that doing an extra 14 hour night shift thrown into the mix, work has really been my priority this week.

Despite all that I have been training reasonably well, with only missing one planned swim. My main issue has been my mindset. My focus has shifted away from the Shepparton Half Ironman in three weeks to looking at the training required for the Australian Ironman next April. While it is good to plan ahead and keep in the back of the mind what I have to do, the problem is I can focus too far ahead. It is something I often do as a big race gets close. I lose focus on what I have do now and often find I'm trying to talk myself out of training properly, because the real training begins later. Another issue is that my mind seems to go on holiday, as if it already in the recovery weeks post race.

This shift in thinking is a negative mind set. It doesn't involve thoughts of not being able to achieve my goals, or put downs on myself. It still takes away from quality training and the other important aspects such as nutrition and recovery. Basically it is easy to become lazy now while planning big later.


  1. I guess for something as big as an Ironman you need a long-term plan which makes short-term goals less important.


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