What Do You Think About?

My first week of training has been knocked off. For the first three weeks my work roster actually gives me a more traditional 7 day week. That's a rarity for me. The week definitely is conservative.

Total distance run was 53km. All easy kilometres except on Tuesday where I ran hard for a single rep up the Yandell Hill. It only takes 1:50 to finish, but it is steep.  This was followed by some more moderate hill work in the same session. It is a starting point. Thursday and Friday were complete days off as I needed the sleep, plus I had accumulated more fatigue in my legs than I was comfortable to carry into another run. Sunday I finished with a very comfortable 2 hour run into the trails. Then focus was mainly fun, but unpicked the more technical trails to help re-establish the trail agility that has dissipated from my legs over the last few weeks. Plenty of rock hopping, twists, turns and river crossing.

Out on the comfortable runs I often solve plenty of life's problems in my head. Things become clearer. On some runs my head is in a different place. I spent most of Sunday's run weighing of the pros and cons of marking my territory wombat style.


  1. HA! Most of the time, I let my mind wander. I usually end up solving a problem that I couldn't figure out or think about my personal goals. I have however considered marking my territory. It's only slightly more difficult for the female versions.


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