Just A Runner

Erring on the conservative side, the kilometres covered this week were about the same as last. The progression came from a some more hill work and a longer and better quality long run. It feels good finishing runs feeling stimulated rather than destroyed.

In the aftermath of running 100km I've noticed people make assumptions about you. The biggest standout is that I don't think highly of other peoples achievements at shorter distances. Another is the labeling of fitting into a specific category such as a trail runner versus a road runner, or an ultramarathoner. Apparently I must think marathons are short now.

My views aren't exactly what is assumed. If I was to put any label on myself, it would simple just a runner. Running goes beyond just enjoyment. It is hard to explain, but the best I can offer is it just seems right when I run. There are plenty of other things I enjoy too. What makes me tick if often different to other people. It works the other way too.

One main thing I get from running is setting, working towards and achieving goals that I can impress myself with. I just love pushing my boundaries and seeing how much more I can get out of myself. There was a time when hitting 3km for my long run was a significant goal. It isn't how the goal compares to other people, it is what the goal means to the individual that is important. Furthermore, each terrain, distance, or other variable offers up a different challenge. Racing close to potential at 5, 42 or 100km require substantial differences in fitness.

So what impresses me? People who value health and fitness. Who create goals and genuinely work towards achieving them. Whether those goals be getting around the block for the first time, play their role in a team or complete a multiday race, it doesn't matter.


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