Rotating shift work. Long hours, constantly changing sleep patterns, a different cycle than most others and plenty more reasons shift work isn't appealing. Sounds like there's a lot to overcome to get in any sort of reasonable training.

Over the last month I had the opportunity to get into a more normal work week. No night shifts, following the usual seven day week and having weekends as my days off. As it turned out I couldn't wait to get back on shift. After 13 years of shift work it is definitely what I am used to. I know it isn't for most people, but Monday to Friday doesn't quite work for me.

Now I am back into the rotating shifts I feel like I have a better handle on how I can fit my training together than I did over the previous month. Taking 8-9 days for a training cycle has always made more sense to me than seven days. Even before I was a shift worker I believed this. Round peg, square hole.

Now it's a matter of getting the system working. Keeping on top of my sleep. Planning ahead. Listening to my body, but not using a little bit of fatigue as an excuse to slack off in training. Time to start preparing for January.


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