365.242199 days

Another trip around the yellow dwarf. Another calendar of events to look forward to.

Christmas and Boxing Day were days off running. Family, food and drink were the better options. Then back into things. I finally realised how close I am to the Two Bays Trail Run, and how I don't really have any weeks left to improve my fitness. As a result I've decided not to do anything drastic in training. Just get together some solid and consistent kilometres, cross the various intensities/speeds and keep an eye on form and pacing for the race ahead.

I can't expect it to be a peak event for me. Still, on the day I plan on getting as much out of myself as possible. Whatever the result, it should be good start to the year and improve the foundations of fitness I have. No resolutions in the traditional style. Just a definite goal, like I usually have, to get faster. My running is on track to be best it's ever been. At the moment there is a relaxing ease in which I can put together some quality running.

Of course, quality doesn't necessarily mean fast. Quality relates to relative speed versus effort. It is technique and form. It is how I pull up after a run or a series of runs. That quality is flowing nicely at the moment and I like where it is taking me.

My training log is now coming together nicely and looks a little impressive with the combination of GPS, pace, times and heart rate data marking everything step. Yet despite having all this right on my wrist, I am finding my ability to just run on feel isn't being encroached upon. Only on a couple of specific paced runs have I felt to need to actually check my watch every now and then. I've been pleasantly surprised at just how accurate my sense of pace is. The extra information should help me narrow in what really works.


  1. Oh wow! good going, I cheer for you!

  2. Thanks Anna, pity I can't read what I think is Swedish, to get the details of your blog. Cool pics though.


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