Spiced Jamaican Rum

Got down for some camping in Torquay for a handful of days. Amongst the beach, surf, food and beverages some running fitted in too.

First morning was a struggle waking up in the tent. The combination of Trivial Pursuit, Sailor Jerry rum and scotch were not kind to my head. After some breakfast and a triple shot coffee I didn't feel any better. It was tempting not to run. The shoes went on anyway.

Out onto the Surfcoast Walk. I followed some of the Leg 2 of the Surfcoast Century. Without a pack of mandatory gear and an initial 21km of beach running I expected it be quite different. Surprisingly it wasn't. The only difference was I didn't have to keep a lid on the intensity when climbing on the Jarosite track.

The plan was to be out for about 2 hours holding something like 4:40/km once warmed up. At the start I felt terrible. Each step I thought I was going to chunder and my brain felt like it was swaying side to side. My calves were excessively tight and my legs just felt they had weights strapped to my ankles. This was going to be an ordeal. As a last longish run before Two Bays next Sunday, I was going to persevere.

In the first kilometre I gave up on the concept of holding anything close to a respectable pace. When I did that my technique all of a sudden improved and I let my legs gradually get faster when they wanted to. After 4km I had gotten down to 4:40/km, but still thought I'd be getting a second look at breakfast.

On passing 6km a switch flicked over and I felt great. The hangover was gone and I was moving well. Enjoying the amazing trail and scenery. Even met a couple of others who had run at the Surfcoast Century. The further into the run the better I felt. All up I covered 22.5km with the second half considerably faster. On the flat it felt very easy to hold 4:20's and downhill 3:30-3:40/km was in order on the return trip.

My technical downhilling was a bit rusty and slow, but everything else was quick and felt so smooth. I eased back the final couple of kilometres as a cool down. In this last part I became aware just how good I felt. That stayed with me for the rest of the day. Maybe a 22km run is actually the cure for a hangover.


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