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My race plans for the year are far from set in concrete. A number of competing interests and opportunities that may or may not come around means the racing schedule is at best only written in pencil. Already there have been a few revisions. At the moment I will focussing my efforts into the Emergency Services Games (10km Cross Country and Half Marathon) in April. Beyond that I might be heading towards an early marathon, but that is just at the maybe stage. Later in the year I want to try my hand at a trail 100km race. So all training throughout will keep that in mind.

One race which I have changed my mind about a lot is the Maroondah Dam Trail Run 50km. At the end of 2011, it was a definite. Into 2012 I had other plans (a potential holiday) or just that I didn't trust I my conditioning leading in. After a few changes I finally decided to run it.

Today I entered. So on 19th February I will trying my hand (or feet) at my first trail ultramarathon. Given my other goals, and where my fitness is at, I don't plan on racing this flat out. Instead I am treating it is an extra long, but solid run. One where I can get an insight into what I have or don't have yet for this sort of distance. Quite a few years ago I did compete in a 24 hour Rogain, which was a reasonably humbling experience, and despite some significant navigation issues and some long down time due to a mixture of injury and hypothermia between my partner and myself we still managed to score 4th overall.

I won't be doing anything drastically different in the next two training weeks. Each week will see just a continuation of the build over the last few weeks. Up a 3.5 hour long run, 2 hour aerobic conditioning run, threshold over hills and all the rest easy. No substantial taper, just 4 days very easy to iron out any niggles. Then its time to cruise through the bush and hills.


  1. Understand about the schedule or plans in pencil. Life is like that sometimes. It is nice when it is all planned and the plan executes perfectly, but often, for me, it is about carving out what I can, and keeping the schedule in pencil.


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