Better Feet

The first week of training in 2012 has been completed. Essentially it was nothing overly exciting. Nothing was overly hard. In fact it felt a bit too easy. What I am happy with is I got in every planned run and strength session. None of the extras like swimming or cycling found their way in. Comfortable consistency is exactly where I should be at this stage. I just need to keep that going.

Beyond just getting the running kilometers covered I've been back for some podiatry assessment. It's been overdue for a while, plus I have been aware that my running biomechanics have been changing to the point I didn't think my current orthotics and shoe selection have been working well for.

My suspicions were heading in the right direction. An advantage of having your sister as a podiatrist is there were no time constraints. After some very thorough assessment and discussion I am pretty excited about the outcome. It looks like I can ditch the orthotics and move away from the stability shoes. My running has improved in more ways than just faster times over the last few years.

Now I can have the enjoyment of working my way through light weight neutral shoes without worrying about removing insoles and fitting in some carbon orthotics. Time for some shoe shopping.


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