The change over into a new year is always a good opportunity to take some time to look at where you have come from and where you are heading. 2011 started with a lot of promise with some very good race results and placings. It was clear I could reach higher levels of performance than previously without a huge volume of training.

However, it didn't last. I made some training mistakes. The most significant was probably too much running around my anaerobic threshold without any genuine recovery between these hard sessions. The result was some significant overtraining and resultant drop in training volume, intensity and consistency. This led me away from a marathon PR and some injury problems afterwards.

On the positive side the year provided a lot of information about how I can and can't train. Comparing this information against the back drop of my previous years of racing and training I should be able to get train much more effectively.

So what does the new year bring?

I'm looking to mix some new experiences with some PR's at a handful of tried and tested races. At this stage it looks like the Run For The Kids, the Sri Chinmoy Williamstown half marathon and the Great Train Race are all on the menu. Again I'll be heading back to the Police Games for the 10km cross country and half marathon in April. These are all races I really want raise above my past results.

On the new taste menu I want get to a few more trail races. The Salomon Trail Run last year wetted my appetite for this style of event. Also I will probably run one or two 50km trail events. It is likely these won't be genuine races for me, more a long an hard training run.

Depending on how everything is traveling leading towards the halfway mark of 2012 I am considering having a good crack at racing a 100km Trail Ultra. There is the potential for a new event in September down at Anglesea which is holding a lot of appeal. I haven't raced an ultramarathon as a standalone event before. How I feel about this event is similar to when I first thought about racing Ironman triathlon.

If I change my mind I will probably look to having another go at lowering my marathon time. Whatever the case it is clear I am sticking with being a runner and haven't got any plans in the triathlon world.

For me it's an exciting year for running. Plenty of positives. I'm fit, healthy and injury free. My mind is in the right space and the passion is there. Bring on 2012.


  1. Hope you have a great year Jason. Will be following how your training and racing goes with interest.


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