Fake Summer

Since Melbourne's summer wasn't much to brag about, we decided to go and find some better weather. Already in autumn meant we had to head a fair distance north. This has brought us to Byron Bay. With a bit over a week of warm sun, beach, relaxation and no work, it should be the perfect opportunity to get in a good run focus.

Some people find a holiday should be mainly be about doing nothing. I don't quite work that way. I can definitely spend a good amount of time in the water or on the sand relaxing, but I definitely require a good dose of exercise thrown in. Without running or similar I don't feel right. Running is an essential ingredient in my relaxation.

With plenty of what is good for me, and a little bit of what isn't mixed together, I have the framework for a good recharge. The training plan is simple when up here. Run everyday, most runs will incorporate steep climbs, add a couple of faster interval sets, a long run and the rest is a mixture of strength, flexibility and recovery work.

The added run volume and increase in average intensity means I'm going to have to really listen to my body. I deliberately left my heart rate monitor back in Melbourne. The style of training usually causes substantial fluctuations in heart rate, so my previous zones will be irrelevant. I expect my legs to feel heavier at the start of each run, but should be able to shake this as I progress through each session.

In between, the beach, a machiatto and a beer all my name on it.


  1. I certainly unerstand about vacations not being just to rest. I am not a natural "rester" or "relaxer" It seems so much easier to rest and relax after I have been poured out on a good run or workout. Resting seems a natural then.


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