All Good Things

For the first time in four weeks my alarm went off. I was definitely out of practice, as I fumbled around for a while trying to turn it off. Eventually I had my backpack and running gear on. It was surprisingly warm at 05:30 in Melbourne. 5km covered and it was time to return to work.

For the previous three days I've been back home testing the legs over some familiar terrain. My legs are certainly feeling all the extra running over the last couple weeks. There is that unmistakable deep discomfort that almost feels good when training hard. It does mean it takes longer to warm up to shake the stiffness for some descent paced running. The good news is that the main portion of my running is faster.

At the start of my focus period I ran a 7.5km course at a steady-state effort. A couple of days ago I ran the same course twice for 15km at a significantly faster speed, that felt much easier and this was also reflected in a lower heart rate. I also repeated my 6x800m hill repeats, which were again faster. I have definitely made some good progress. Now I just to match my race plans to my fitness. More on that later.


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