Deeper Troughs

Hoping it's not anything to do with getting older, but that it is purely to do with how I am training. The impact from last Sunday's race was bigger than anticipated. There was a distinct lack of the usual soreness often associated with the days after a hard 10km. Instead I found for the first three days there was absolutely no strength or power in my legs. This was a lot more than just being tired. They really struggled to move.

So I took it easy on the bike and hit the water. This week definitely had to be a recovery week. On Thursday I attempted what was going to be a slow but longish run. The result wasn't what I wanted. Remembering back to the race I had some problems with my right calf in the second half. As each step of the day's run increased the stiffness and pain around my right, lateral ankle I soon decided to call it quits. It appears to be the peroneal tendon that is causing the most grief. An area I've had a bit of trouble with in the past.

The fix is usually simple. A bit of rest, ice, appropriate massage, mobility work and watch my technique for any imbalances when running. Hopefully everything goes to plan so I can get into my run focus in a few days.


  1. Always a tough order to rest. Like you wrote: the fix is usually simple. Best wishes on a speedy recovery to that run focus.


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