Tropical Strength

Reasonably often the mag-trainer becomes a less than appealing option. While it has many pluses such as time efficiency, staying in earshot of the kids, tightly controlled training and probably a few others, it does have some downfalls. One of those is it can be easy to become bored and slack. To get around this I often manipulate the session a bit. Sometimes I will be be happy with a straight 5x5min, (1min rec) set. The repetition can have me lost in the zone. Other times it is exactly what will lead to an excuse filled head of why it is a good idea to step off early.

This morning was one of those times. Some extra difficulty getting out of bed. A slow descent down the stairs. I knew I needed the extra kick. So out comes one the Spinervals sessions. I simply chose the first one that fitted the time frame I had: The Uphill Grind. At times I get more out of myself with someone shouting in my ears to: go hard; Spin, Spin Spin!; don't slow down on me now... and all the other catch phrases. If not performed every week, I will just about always get higher cadences, more pain and higher heart rates.

An extra obstacle was thrown into the mix this morning. I appreciate it is summer and it has been reported it is the worst mosquito season in however long. This morning was ridiculous. There wasn't the usual handful of mosquitoes that have been paying a visit each morning when I'm on the trainer. Today was like I'd been placed in one of those boxes full of mozzies that have made the rounds on the so-called current affairs shows. Over the first ten or so minutes, a swarm built up to well over an hundred. The cloud felt thick when I swung my hand through. This was ridiculous and seriously interrupting any quality training.

In a recovery minute I sprinted back indoors and made excessive use of the Aeroguard. It did the trick. A few stragglers remained for a while, but they no longer bothered me. My concentration now back into turning those pedals...


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