I was planning on putting my name down for an overtime shift just before I go on leave. That changed after I managed to accumulate a ridiculous amount of overtime by just getting stuck on jobs that have taken me way past my so-called finish time. Finishing just before 01:00 when the shift was meant to be over at 21:00 cuts in on sleep.

Since I have had a string of the extra long shifts over the last couple of weeks, the training has been cut down to the bare bones. Even so I still believe I am doing enough to make some gains. At worst I should at least be maintaining my fitness.

I am coming into a block of leave so in theory that should leave me with plenty of extra time. This I plan to fill up with getting the garden up to scratch, getting away with the family to the beach for a while and of course some good training.

It is also time I think about what I am going to do about racing. It's been too long since I have put myself out there for a true test. As circumstances have fallen any thought of getting in a couple of triathlons this summer have been pushed aside mainly by my roster. So I will be just getting in a few running events. The Emergency Services Games are a bit over a month away. My roster allows me to compete in the 10km cross country and half marathon, no triathlon or duathlon as I hoped. Leading in I will fit in 2 or 3 10km races.

The lead up training will be a continuation on my now established routine. The one change will be a ten day focus on running when we head north in search of sand and sun.


  1. Jason, those are some long hours. Makes it hard on the recovery side of things. Hope the final prep for the games goes well. The 10k races will be good lead-in events.


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