Need For Sleep

The most likely reason for me to miss a training session is the need for sleep. I can function quite well on reduced sleep for a little while. With a 5 month old and shift work that is often required. It becomes a problem if I try to maintain everything without catching up on that sleep. This has been a feature in my life since I began taking training seriously.

There is a difference now versus my early training years. At the start I would refuse to miss training. Sometimes this led to improvement. The consistency in training did pay off. The down side was big. A couple of times my body descended below simple sleep debt. It was now sleep bankrupt. Training was near impossible and the loss in fitness over the ended recovery time clearly was much more detrimental than any gains I had made in the lead up.

Now I am in a position where catching up sleep is harder to do. Plus have some extra experience. The result is I don't let myself get that run down. At the start of the week it was clear I was heading that way when the 5am sounded. The morning bike session was traded for some more sleep. This turned out to be needed more than I thought as the following work shifts involved an excessive amount of overtime. Finishing at nearly 1am when the end was meant to be back at 9pm seriously cuts in on the sleep hours.

So there's been less volume this week, but I hope it is still leading to improvement. At least what I have done feels good.


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